Shipping and return policies for DIE VOID

Shipping Info
Shipping within Germany 1,50 Euros unregistered, 3,50 Euros registered
World wide shipping 4,00 Euros unregistered, 7,00 Euros registered

Shipping within Germany 2,50 Euros unregistered, 4,50 Euros registered
World wide shipping 3,50 Euros unregistered, 5,50 Euros registered
Return Policy
We generally offer a 30 day return policy, within 30 days after shipment is made you can return defective, new or sealed merchandise for a replacement or a credit to your account. It is against the Recording Industry Laws for us to accept back opened pre-recorded music due to the amount of illegal transferring, copying or downloading. Items that are sent back opened, that were originally sealed and are not defective, are not accepted, will not be returned and will be disposed of. Items that are misrepresented as defective but are not, will not be accepted in return. We will test every returned item before we come back on you to discuss further steps. We cannot take responsibility for items that get damaged or lost on the way in case of unregistered shipping. Please check the outer appearance of a package arriving to you for any obvious damages before you accept it from the delivery company.